Tiger Belt

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The best solution for difficult products

The Tigerbelt is a belt-type, high-speed optical sorting machine, designed to overcome the limitations of gravity-fed sorters. It features high resolution Full-Color cameras, a ground-braking feeding system and a sturdy mechanical structure to withstand the most demanding working conditions.



The sorting of difficult materials is no longer a problem
The Tigerbelt has a detection area which is 720mm wide and offers 144 high-speed air ejectors to expel defects of various shapes and dimensions. Thanks to the innovative design of the optical sections, it can analyze both sides of every single particle as it passes in front of its cameras, and is able to reject defects by color and size, at the same time. 

Thanks to special infrared sensors, the Tigerbelt is capable of removing superficial fungi and pests, damaged products (as a result of improper storage) and foreign objects, even if the colour is similar or equal to the accepted material.
A conveyor belt distributes the product evenly, eliminating rolls and bounces, thanks to an efficient combination of inclination and speed, which are adjustable for each type of program.
This combination of sensors and feeding technology allows users to sort all those products that, due to their physical characteristics, are impossible to sort on a chute-fed optical sorter. This includes sticky, humid, greasy, over-size, mixed size, IQF material, and more.

Highly adaptable
The Tigerbelt is dedicated to a wide range of applications, from food to plastic material, and can be configured to handle many product types on the same unit.

Performance features:
4 Full Color RGB-cameras, with 6144 Pixel and an optical resolution 0.09 mm, combined with a data processing speed of 24 kHz, ensure maximum precision and high capacity.
  • NIR technology detects the presence of foreign material and rotten objects at the same time.
  • Intuitive user interface with auto-calibration features.
  • Low maintenance costs and ease of operation.

All our optical sorters have an ethernet connection which allows remote control and monitoring, and greatly simplifies technical assistance.